Liber.ius is an innovative business law firm, offering a different, alternative approach to both its clients and its lawyers.


In ancient Rome a citizen was entitled to specific rights, and relied on the ius to see these protected. The Liber.ius lawyers believe that this basic concept of the legal market is as relevant as ever, and is ready for adjustment to the 21st century. Simply because a profession has been long-established and sometimes embedded in archaic traditions, it does not mean the professionals behind it cannot evolve with their times and embrace innovative methods. Liber.ius lawyers are very entrepreneurial in their approach and understanding of the clients’ businesses, and will work closely with them to achieve more efficient solutions.

We rely on contemporary working practices and technologies to improve our service and efficiency, and deliver better results and solutions to our clients, simply by approaching things differently, with more flexibility and creativity. Liber.ius lawyers have a very strong commitment to deliver more value to your business. We do not only want to meet your expectations, our goal is to surpass them.