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  • Litigation
  • Family Law
  • Arbitration and Collaborative Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Public Law and Regulatory


  • Belgian Lawyer
  • Practiced in Luxemburg
  • Guest lecturer University of Louvain
  • Fluent in German, French, English and Dutch


  •  Clifford Chance
  • Matray, Matray & Hallet
  • Hoffmann & Partners
  • Member of Parliament for German-speaking Community
    of Belgium and Liège Province


  • Catholic University Louvain
  • Georg-August University Göttingen, Germany
  • Teaching assistant in Constitutional Law at University of Namur

Yves Derwahl

Liber.ius partner

Yves is a broadly experienced lawyer, with a long-standing practice in multiple complex areas of law, ranging from commercial law and commercial litigation, to aspects of public law and regulatory, with a focus on media, and family law. A native German speaker, Yves was the president of the Superior Council for Media of the Germanspeaking Community (Medienrat) from 2006 to 2015, in charge of regulatory matters. He also chaired the conference of telecommunications and media regulators (CRC), and participated in numerous congresses of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA).

Yves is a Member of Parliament for the German-speaking Community of Belgium and the Province of Liège, and takes an active interest in the Belgian political environment. He teaches civil procedure law at Haute École Libre Mosane, as well German Legal Language as a guest lecturer at the Catholic University of Louvain.

Yves is a registered lawyer with the Eupen bar and collaborates with Liberius

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