Every Liber.ius lawyer has a vast wealth of international experience and expertise that we love to put at the service of our clients, in order to create added value. As such we have created our international desks, meant to assist businesses and their managers of specific countries with their legal needs in Belgium, and also Belgian clients to navigate their way in those countries, all in their own language and with the required understanding of their cultural backgrounds.

Currently the Liber.ius team assists clients from/ in the following countries and languages

  • German – Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • French – France, Canada and all French-speaking territories
  • Portuguese – Portugal, Brazil
  • Italian – Italy
  • Spanish – Spain, Central & South America
  • Dutch & Afrikaans

The members of our group speak your language and know your business practices and culture.

German Desk/ Deutscher Praxis [to be adjusted into Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch]

In short, the Liber.ius German Desk permits us to apply our service-oriented approach to German-speaking clients and to Belgian clients with interests in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Whether you are from a German-speaking community anywhere in the world, or a Belgian client requiring legal assistance in any of these territories, our German desk can help you. We are German-speaking lawyers and advisers prepared to serve all your needs coming into Belgium or looking to do business abroad.

At Liber.ius you will work with lawyers who understand your needs and concerns, and who can put themselves in your shoes in order to better assist you, delivering bespoke legal services whilst looking through your lens. They know and understand the German-speaking countries’ legal systems as well as their business customs and unique cultures. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the business issues you will face and can build the bridges you are looking for when taking your business cross-border. This will give you a much-needed competitive advantage. We’re here to work with you in your language, to provide you with support and guidance across all areas of your business whilst offering innovative legal solutions.

Our aim is to facilitate clients by offering a two-way service to and from the German speaking countries, by providing you with a specialized channel of communication to address your needs and doubts. Our knowledge of the language and, in particular, of the difference in legal systems and business cultures, enables us to offer you, our clients, a service of the highest standard, working closely with our colleagues from the other departments and offices of the firm. If the situation so requires, we facilitate access to and contact with top-tier firms from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.