An innovative law firm creating the difference
for today’s lawyer


not all lawyers manage
to realise their full potential:

  • Limited freedom and flexibility with heavy office hours and excessive pressure
  • Disproportionate time and resources going into admin and management
  • Often unsatisfactory work-life balance
  • Very long track to partnership, subject to internal politics
  • Only small part of what is billed to the client finds its way to the lawyer

the traditional law firm model
is reaching its limits:

  • Very high rates only affordable to affluent corporations or private clients
  • High overhead costs for infrastructure and back office
  • Limited diversity scope
  • Rigid hierarchy, little room for independent thinkers
  • Lack of transparency
  • Not offering best solution for all clients

Liber.ius believes that the equity partnership and hierarchical law firm models
no longer meet the changing expectations of both clients and lawyers


A radically different law firm, bringing freedom back to the liberal profession.
Liber.ius allows its lawyers to realize their full potential, from where they want, when they want and how they want with our full support
Join Liber.ius, change your life and bring your legal practice into the 21st century!

So in concreto,
how are we different?

  • Liber.ius lawyers devise and grow their own business with our full support. There is no hierarchy and no fancy titles, the same terms apply to all, in full openness and transparency.
  • Liber.ius lawyers are part of a full-service firm, stimulated and incentivized to refer work to each other, creating an abundance of growth opportunities for all.
  • Liber.ius helps you to grow your practice and make your profile more attractive to clients

Liber.ius approach is based on the following pillars:


Horizontal structure, no pyramidal hierarchy

Full transparency and clarity in your terms of working with Liber.ius

Each lawyer retains to the amounts billed for their own work to their clients, with the same rules being applied to everyone within Liber.ius

Lawyers are free to set their personal rates, permitting them to offer their services at highly competitive terms and allowing each lawyer to bill their clients as deemed fit


A single integrated firm of lawyers with complementary expertise

Collegiate culture, regular professional development sessions and social gatherings

Opportunity to increase earnings by referring clients to other lawyers within Liber.ius

Existing clusters/ flex offices in Brussels, and other cities, with more Europe-wide offices opening over the coming years

Group-wide Liber.ius branding and communication strategy


Cutting edge purpose-built Liber.ius technological platform and access to legal data bases

Partnerships with providers of front office solutions adapted to Liber.ius lawyers

Full lawyer and admin support from a central Liber.ius office including full back office, access to cloud and IT support

Liber.ius looks after all regulatory matters, insurance, compliance, centralizing time-sheets, accounting, postage, invoicing clients and following up on payments, branded stationary, business cards, press releases, social media


Zero fixed charge

No billing targets

Liber.ius lawyers organize their agenda freely and they work when, where and how they choose. If they wish to take three weeks or three months off, that is their decision. Just send us a postcard!

Liber.ius lawyers have all freedom to pursue other pastimes in parallel to their legal practice, and are actively encouraged to do so

Are you Liber.ius?

  • Are you a qualified and experienced lawyer?
  • Do you have a client following or good client contacts?
  • Do you think you can vastly improve the satisfaction you get from practicing law?
  • Do you like to structure your own work life, focus more on working with clients and spend less time with admin hassle or in management meetings?
  • Do you like to see freedom returned to the liberal profession?
  • Do you want to make your decisions in full autonomy and freedom all whilst being a full member of an ambitious firm of likeminded professionals?

If you answered YES to most or all of these questions, we are confident you have all the makings of a Liber.ius Lawyer!
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