Sustainable & Responsible

We participate in an ever-changing environment that needs to be protected for all to enjoy. Liber.ius is acutely aware of the importance of development and innovation in protecting the environment for future generations. In line with our environmental and social commitment we believe that long-term value creation is ultimately driven by sustainable economies, and considering these factors is part of our ethos and philosophy, and as a result also of our decision-making and processes in how we serve our clients and structure our business.

We are committed to incorporating best practice principles of responsible business into the way we work and interact with our clients and counterparts. This provides a framework of how to integrate these factors into our analysis and decision-making in order to drive sustainable long-term value for our business.

The Liber.ius model naturally encourages environmentally friendly business practices by

  • doing away with unnecessary commuting transmissions and inefficiencies by promoting distributed collaboration and communication through our cloud-based network
  • using secure digital platforms wherever possible in order to reduce the volume of energy and paper waste common in traditional law firms
  • using energy-efficient products in our workspaces and exercising environmentally responsible habits both in and outside the workplace
  • actively discouraging our people to take unnecessary trips or travel during rush hour

We believe that these practices vastly reduce our carbon-footprint and serve as a model of environmentally-conscious sustainability while simultaneously improving the efficiency of our trade.

We also offer to clients with a demonstrable environmental and social commitment a discount on our fees.

Clients we serve who we believe make this planet a better place for future generations include the following