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  • Ethical supply chain
  • Corporate, M&A
  • Commercial Law
  • ESG


  • Qualified solicitor of England and Wales
  • Board member of various non-profit organisations


  • Hogan Lovells
  • Dewey LeBoeuf
  • Bristows


  • LL.B. Law, Queen Mary University of London
  • LL.M. Law – Masters, University of London
  • Slavery and Liberation, University of Nottingham

Sharon Benning-Prince

Expert consultant

Sharon Benning-Prince is a highly experienced lawyer and advocate for change, specializing in corporate and commercial work as well as ethics and supply chain transparency. After more than a decade with several top UK law firms, since 2008 she worked with various multinational companies, assisting them with their contract needs and transaction assistance, providing sound and practical commercial solutions. Her work encompasses negotiation and review of customer, supplier, and framework agreements as well as other tangential structuring and agreement work.

Sharon Benning-Prince is a leading voice on supply chain transparency, especially on modern slavery and human trafficking. She was the lead lawyer for Primark on their Rana Plaza Bangladesh factory collapse compensation scheme, demonstrating her adeptness at navigating complex legal issues. She assists major corporations in addressing their internal policies in relation to modern slavery and forced labor legislation and has produced several policy documents on this issue. She also co-authored “Modern Slavery in the UK” with Dr. Mike Emberson.

Beyond her legal work, Sharon is deeply committed to advocacy, societal change and female empowerment. She co-founded Justice in Fashion, an organization dedicated to addressing gender inequalities within the fashion industry. Through this initiative, Sharon sought to challenge industry norms and champion sustainability and justice. In addition to her legal and advocacy roles, Sharon is actively involved in global sustainable projects. Sharon’s involvement reflects her commitment to contributing to the positive social and environmental impact on a global scale. Sharon’s multifaceted background and dedication to effecting positive change make her an asset to companies seeking legal expertise and strategic guidance.

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