The Liber.ius Advantage

Liber.ius, a true 21st century law firm, was created by a generation of accomplished lawyers with a vision for a more efficient and fair law firm. Liber.ius lawyers are given the resources and benefits of a traditional law firm, while maintaining the freedom to structure their practice so as to meet and surpass client expectations. Using enhanced technological solutions, Liber.ius lawyers are not confined to their geographical location, and this distributed model gives them the freedom to work where they are needed and structure their services in a way that maximizes the value they can provide for the client.

Headquartered in Brussels, the Capital of the European Union, Liber.ius attracts a broad range of international clientele looking to capitalize on the experience that Liber.ius lawyers have gathered practicing law all around Europe.

What sets us apart

Unhinged from geographical location through the use of cutting-edge technological platforms, the Liber.ius Advantage promotes a client-centred approach and we are uniquely positioned to surpass client expectations because

  • Liber.ius lawyers, as entrepreneurs, have the necessary experience to serve clients with comprehensive understanding of their businesses
  • resource-efficiency and reduced overhead costs translate to fair and affordable rates for the clients
  • our lawyers have the freedom to set their own fee structures to address the needs and preferences of each specific clients
  • our innovative approach and enhanced use of technology improves our lawyers’ efficiency
  • our agile set up and flexibility allow us to strategically adapt to ensure the delivery of top notch and efficient legal services

Our strenghts

  • Excellent value at reasonable fees – transparent billing practices
  • Knowledge of your business, field experience and keeping in mind how we can help grow your business
  • Excellent technical skills, top-tier work
  • Reliable responsiveness and meeting deadlines
  • Efficient communication – less unnecessary emails
  • Eager and happy lawyers who enjoy their profession
  • Good availability with a strong point of contact
  • Regular personal catch ups
  • Reciprocity – we are always thinking about how we can help grow your business