The legal world is long overdue for a freshening up, especially in the reprioritisation of the interests that are most important to the client. Many clients are increasingly dissatisfied with law firms tarnishing their expectations by delivering inconsistent services and intentionally confusing billing structures. Clients often pay large fees for non-responsive or disinterested partner-level lawyers that overcomplicate matters or fall short of their expectations.

Liber.ius lawyers are eager to disrupt this stereotype predictability by combining a wealth of experience with entrepreneurial passion in order to create true value for our clients. Unlike many firms we are not burdened by massive overheads or overbearing structures and use this freedom to incentivise our lawyers to prioritise what matters most: our clients. Our unique structure and enhanced use of technology allows us to deliver the highest-calibre legal service, while avoiding the pitfalls clients too often experience with traditional law firms. Our billing methods are fair and transparent and we do not charge our general office admin costs to our clients.