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  • Advising start-ups and SMEs on legal and strategic questions


  • Salduz certificate


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  • Bachelor’s degree from UHasselt
  • Master’s degree from KU Leuven in Tax and Economic Law

Zakaria Faris

Junior Associate

Zakaria’s academic journey in Tax and Economic Law at KU Leuven has provided a robust foundation for a deep-seated passion in the complexities of business law. Zakaria has been actively involved in aiding both startups and more established SMEs through their legal and strategic hurdles, with a focus primarily on the early and developmental stages of business growth. Alongside this, Zakaria has developed a profound interest in areas such as insolvency, corporate law, and the wider realms of business law.

While hands-on experience in these specific fields may still be growing, Zakaria’s commitment to expanding this knowledge and expertise remains steadfast. This eagerness to learn and evolve underscores a dedication to offering comprehensive legal support, ensuring that businesses can effectively navigate their present challenges and are aptly prepared for future opportunities and obstacles.

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